A1 Earthworx Mining and Civil are a dynamic, innovative and progressive organisation offering an extensive range of services and expertise to the Mining, Civil & Construction industries.


Our services include:




Plant & Equipment Hire 

A1 Earthworx currently owns, hires and subcontracts a vast range of earthmoving, mining and haulage machinery and ancillary plant and equipment.


Our exceptional production and equipment standards are maintained by its dedicated Maintenance team.  This team not only ensures all machinery used by A1 Earthworx is safe and fit for service, it has implemented an innovative preventative maintenance approach, which has resulted in a decrease in equipment breakdown and an increase in productivity and efficiency.  A majority of our Plant and Equipment meet mine specifications or are MDG15 compliant.

For Hire: 

  • Bulldozers
  • Excavators
  • Graders
  • Rollers
  • Front End Loader/Backhoe
  • Skid Steer
  • Tippers
  • Low Loader
  • Tractor, Slasher, Super Spreader
  • Water Truck
  • 100hp Trencher


Contact Us for information and enquiries about Equipment & Plant Hire 



Rehabilitation Services 

A1 Earthworx has worked on several local mining sites, undertaking numerous roles, including labour hire, machine hire (4 tonne – 45 tonne machines), construction of roads, dams and pads etc, water diversion systems, trenching, and land rehabilitation.


As part of our land rehabilitation role, we supply experienced operators to perform tasks such as;

  • Construction and repair of dams – our operators will assess the layout of the dam and and surrounding landscape, how to best capture the water and the best position for a spillway to ensure excess water is diverted correctly, with minimal impact on the downstream sites.
  • Native Grass Seeding – we have numerous employees who have vast experience in farming, and utilising A1 Earthworx 4WD tractors and seeders, we are able to complete Bulk Native Grass Seeding as cost effeciently as possible. We also have numerous contacts within Mudgee agromomy service providers who may be able to assist with advisory and supply of required seed.
  • Slashing – For the past 10 years, A1 Earthworx has provided tractors with slashers to carry out work not only for land holders and mining sites, but for Mid Western Regional Council and ARTC, therefore, our operators have been in numerous scenarios ensuring they are competant to perform a wide variety of tasks.
  • Water erosion repairs – A1 Earthworx has worked on numerous diversion and culvet systems, and have not only appropriate machines and skilled operators, but access to the resources required to help repair and stabilize the ground to minimise any furture water impact.


Contact Us for information and enquiries about Rehabilitation Services



Labour Hire 

A1 Earthworx success and reputation for excellence is a direct result of the leadership, experience and diverse qualifications of its Management Team and employees.

With A1 EARTHWORX you will have access to the right plant and equipment operators wherever and whenever you need them. 


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